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file icon Algebra Connect - Factoringhot!
An algebra review game for groups of 3. File includes rules, game board, and answers. Created by Druin
Hits: 59742
file icon Bull's Eye - Polynomialshot!
In this Bull's Eye worksheet, students are to add, subtract, and multiply the given polynomials. Submitted by Druin.
Hits: 18585
file icon Completing the Squarehot!
An endless worksheet of problems for completing the square. Hit the "new sheet" button and another worksheet is randomly generated. Submitted by David M.
Hits: 5949
file icon Cubing Activity for Alg 2 - quadraticshot!
This activity has the students writing answers in different sections of the paper. Then students fold it up, glue/tape it, and it will make an actual cube to hang up in your room. This can be modified for other classes and topics. Take a look. Created by Katie
Hits: 9171
file icon Cutout - Factoringhot!
A factoring cutout puzzle. Students cut out each puzzle piece and reassemble the puzzle so that the expressions and its factored forms match up. Submitted by Druin
Hits: 65851
file icon Factoring Flow Charthot!
Another, more visual, factoring flow chart to use with your students. The "back of the sheet" that is referred to will be uploaded as a seperate document. Submitted by MathTeacher44
Hits: 14287
file icon Factoring Flow Charthot!
My own version of the popular factoring flow chart. Includes factoring by grouping and u-substitution into quadratic form.
Hits: 9041
file icon Factoring Flow Chart, Part 2hot!
Second part, as promised. This can work for some kids....others may find it confusing. Submitted by MathTeacher44
Hits: 8860
file icon Factoring Flowcharthot!
A factoring flowchart to help your kiddos know what to do. Submitted by MrsG.
Hits: 17392
file icon Factoring Quadraticshot!
A document that compiles different methods about teaching factoring quadratic trinomials. Submitted by Abel
Hits: 12408
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