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file icon Wartime Battlehot!
In this activity, it is your job to navigate a battleship. Your course (denoted by a linear equation) takes you over several enemy paths. As part of your duties, you must lay mines along the enemy’s path. However, in order to plant the mines, you must know the points at which the paths cross and report those points to the Captain and to the Mine Crew. Submitted by Druin
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file icon Think-Tac-Toe Review - systems &matriceshot!
I unique way to get students to review. Gives students the opportunity to choose different outlets to express themself while still reviewing. This can be adapted for other topics and classes. Take a look! - Created by Katie
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file icon Systems of Equations Gamehot!
A memory/matching game for systems of equations and their point of intersection. Submitted by Emily and Katie.
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file icon Systems of Equations - Word Problemshot!
This is similar to a Word worksheet that is already posted on here. This powerpoint has no answers on it. I printed it out so that the students wouldn't have to take the time to draw all the boxes. I would work through the problem on the boxes slide. After showing them one or so, then I'd let them try on their own. This worked very well (low level algebra 1). -Emily
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file icon System of Equations - Word Problemshot!
Two worksheets with graphic work organizers on solving word problems using systems of equations. Submitted by Emily and Katie.
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file icon Special Types of Systemshot!
I used this with a low level algebra 1 class. You will see how set up an order to how I want their answers. The test was designed the same way. -Emily
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file icon Solving Systems - Linear Combinationhot!
I used this one in a low level algebra 1 class. I think the warm-up on this one is important. I project this onto a whiteboard and work through the problems. I think it's important for the students to see you go through the problems. There's not much to this powerpoint, but I still thought I'd share it. - Emily
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file icon Review Game - Systems of Equationshot!
A "trashketball" review game for solving systems of equations. Groups earn points by answering review questions correctly. Submitted by Emily.
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file icon Lesson 2 (Systems of linear inequalities)hot!
This is my lesson on systems of inequalities (including non-linear inequalities). It includes the lesson, handouts, and homework.
Homepage: http://exponentialcurve.blogspot.com
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file icon Graphing linear inequalities lesson plan and handoutshot!
This file contains my lesson plan for graphing linear inequalities in various forms (horizontal and vertical - and their absolute values, slope-intercept, standard). It focuses on understanding why we shade a solution region, and then there is practice with graphing in the various forms, and a homework assignment. The lesson refers to homework #3-0 which is a review of graphing linear functions. I'll post that in the appropriate section also.
Homepage: http://exponentialcurve.blogspot.com
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